Week Long Menu


November & December are always busy months.  It seems like there are many evening activities & parties that include dinner & my regular cooking routine gets interrupted plus I spend so much time planning my Thanksgiving & Christmas Menu that I just want to be able to get in & out of the kitchen quickly.  So I've put together some meals for you here that are not extremely time consuming but definitely offer flavor & nourishment.  

Serve this menu in any order you want.  Figure out what works for you & make it your own!

Here are the meals on this week's nourishing menu:  Paleo Chili with Paleo Cornbread, Pecan Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Orange Sauce, Crockpot Chicken Soup, Chicken Pancetta with Maple Dijon Sauce & an easy classic Meatloaf.   I hope these will be quick, healthy dishes you can make up during this busy holiday season.

Grocery List & Prep Ahead Tips

Click HERE for the grocery list for this week

Click HERE for prep ahead tips

Love, Cara