Hello! I’m Cara and it’s my hope that you will find this as a place to discover nourishment for your body & soul.

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Welcome to The Nourished Body & Soul. I’m Cara, nutrition coach & recipe creator of this blog. Here you will find lots of recipes & nutrition information to NOURISH your body & truth rooted in God’s Word to nourish your mind & soul. I believe our mind, body & soul is intertwined into one being & cannot be separated from each other.

This is a safe place to explore how the Word & the table are tightly interwoven together & discover the path God has for you to walk in complete freedom.

I’m passionate about helping women discover what it’s like to do life in complete freedom from guilt, shame & bondage over food & body image issues through whole foods the way God created them & Spiritual well being through His grace.

I do not want to send
them away hungry, lest
they faint on the way
- Jesus
{Matthew 15:32}