My name is Cara Price.


Welcome to my blog - The Nourished Body & Soul!  I’m a wife, mom, interior designer & a self-trained chef who believes food should be healthy & taste good.  I believe the best thing we can do for ourselves is to nourish healthy bodies & souls.  I love to share my recipes for healthy food & share insights God gives me through His grace. Life is an ongoing process that requires work but the finish is worth the fight. 

my health journey

I became very sick in October of 2008.  I went on a three-year journey to get well and went to numerous doctors, tried different medications and went through many medical tests, all to no avail.  

In October of 2011, I found an Integrative Medicine Doctor, who very quickly realized my body was full of Candida and that I was allergic to milk, eggs and I was also gluten intolerant. I was also suffering from thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue.  Within just days of changing my diet, I felt much better, and six months later I was totally well.  

The exclusion of milk, eggs, and gluten from my daily eating led me on a search for recipes and I kept coming across things labeled as Paleo. I didn't jump into it all at once but after about a year of eating mostly Paleo I realized it was the lifestyle I wanted. I knew the change it had made in my body and knew I never wanted to go back to feeling sick.  

After discovering the direct correlation between the food we choose to put in our body & health, I believe God worked that sickness for my good, to get me on a healthy path of living.

my faith

I am a Jesus follower. First and foremost, His love has saved me for eternity and through Him I am redeemed. He has promised and given me an abundant life, in which I experience grace daily for my shortcomings. I am far from perfect, but God is and His love fills in all my failures. 

I have been asked how I can follow a Paleo lifestyle and still be a Christian, to which I can confidently respond that the two are complimentary. Though Paleo is known as the “caveman’s diet,” it is truly just made up of whole foods created by the great Creator. Many people in the Bible lived in caves anyway.  ;) 

My Family

I am so blessed to be a wife. My man walks in integrity and loves God. He pours the abundance of grace he receives from the Father back out on me continually. We have been married for over 20 years and it is only getting better as we walk this journey. I am also blessed to have two great kids - a son & a daughter who add an abundance of joy, stress, laughter, and tears to my life. They keep me on my toes and I wouldn’t trade being their mom for anything. I feel sure that motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever done.