legal mumbo jumbo

I want you to know I maintain this blog because it is the passion of my heart to see people walk in the fullness of freedom in Christ & to live healthy, nourished lives, but there's always legal stuff, so here it goes:

Affiliate links, highlighted in blue, will take you to another website where you may have the ability to purchase items.  You will never be charged extra by any vendors using links from The Nourished Body & Soul, however, I may be compensated on purchases made through those links.  The compensation is simply a way to help me cover the cost of running this website.  

In regards to book reviews, there may be links to purchased reviewed books {see above} however I will never take monetary compensation directly from authors or publishers for a book review.  Book reviews are solely based on my decision that a book confirms my beliefs about who God is & who we are in Him.  I may however, receive a free product, mainly a book, which I will not review based on the gifting of it, but only on its content being deemed helpful to my readers.

No content contained anywhere on The Nourished Body & Soul is meant to replace qualified advice from a physician in regards to physical health or a Christian or secular counselor/psychatrist in regards to mental or spiritual health.

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Love, Cara