Week Long Menu


March is a turning point.  Thoughts of leaving winter behind begin to creep in as the first signs of spring come in slightly warmer weather.  I still want to keep on track with feeding myself & my family healthy, nourishing food.  This month's week long menu offers meals that heat up well if you want to make them ahead.  Every single dish on this menu is full of flavor & seems to take us around the world plus I throw in a surprise breakfast for dinner meal!  There are also paleo wraps that can be used for street tacos or anything else you need to wrap up to eat!

Serve this menu in any order you want.  Figure out what works for you & make it your own!

Here are the meals on this week's nourishing menu:  cashew chicken with Asian cauli-rice, street tacos served in Paleo wraps, classic Tuscan shrimp, Indian butter chicken served over mashed, white sweet potatoes & a classic breakfast dish of homemade sausage & sweet potato hash browns.

Grocery List & Prep Ahead Tips

Click HERE for the grocery list for this week

Click HERE for prep ahead tips

Love, Cara