Week Long Menu


Summer is in full force.  The weather has gone from warm to hot & there's a lot of grilling & picnic foods being made & eaten around here.   This month we went on a great family vacation where we spent a lot of time in the sun & on the beach & I got inspired to cook some summertime food.

In the summer I like to make things that are easy & fun.  This month's menu is full of creative classics, flavor & southern charm.  There's a pizza for movie night, breakfast just because it's fun to eat for dinner & burgers for when you don't want to leave the pool to cook.  Plus fried chicken for your picnic & fish tacos, just because they are amazing!  

Serve this menu in any order you want.  Figure out what works for you & make it your own!

Here are the meals on this week's nourishing menu:  Hamburgers with homemade buns, Paleo Flatbread Pizza with a  Balsamic Reduction, Waffles, Fried Chicken Tenders OR make it into Chicken & Waffles & Fish Tacos with Mexican Cole Slaw.

Grocery List & Prep Ahead Tips

Click HERE for the grocery list for this week

Click HERE for prep ahead tips

Love, Cara