God Does Not Care How Much You Weigh


The enemy has fooled us into seeking lasting security in short-term pleasures.  Our bodies are a gift from God, to be used to serve Him & those around us.  We should feel strong & healthy; we should be able to say, just like Caleb did in Joshua 14, ‘I am as strong today as I was 40 years ago’. 

Unfortunately, in our modern times we have become overrun by processed foods, yo-yo dieting, Hollywood that constantly tells us what we should look like & a medical industry that is happy to help us achieve the perfect body.

How in the world could Caleb say, “I am as strong this day as on the day Moses sent me; just as my strength was then, so now is my strength”?

Caleb knew a formula for abundant physical living.  He followed the Lord with his whole heart, he ate what God gave him & he was continuously physically active.

Notice the order: 
Spiritual nourishment then physical nourishment. 

We can’t get these 2 things out of order.  The moment we begin to focus more on our bodies than we do on God, we have created an idol, which means we have fallen into sin.

God cares more about our overall health than he does our weight.  Our overall health includes our spiritual, mental & physical health.  Our bodies, soul & mind are one being & all the parts of us must be balanced.   When one part is off kilter, the rest of our life suffers. 

Our world focuses so much on the external part of our physicality that the internal part of our soul health & our mental health falls apart. 

We have been tricked into believing we need to look muscular, obtain a certain weight or have a specific body type to have an identity in this world. 

Aging is inevitable on this earth, but at 20, 40, 60 or 80, we should be as whole &  healthy as is possible within our human ability.  We have the ability to make choices in every area of life & our choices often dictate much of our health outcome.   Sustainable choices lead to a sustainable outcome.

What that means is that consistent positive health choices over a long period of time will lead to consistent results.

Our goal for eating healthy, working out  & nourishing our whole body should be to be able to serve God until the day He takes us from this earth , not to have a perfect body by swimsuit season . 

Being thin & muscular is not an indication of health.  And by the same standard, looking a bit “overweight” is not an indication of an unhealthy body.

Besides the basic things you would think of surrounding health like sleep, stress & food, we must consider the spiritual, mental & emotional health factors of our lives.

If our bodies are physically fit & our relationship with God is non-existent, or our relationships with people are crumbling, then we need to re-evaluate our overall health.

Achieving long-term balance is possible.  Of course, there are seasons in life that ebb & flow where one or more areas of health {spiritual, mental & emotional} are off, but when we look at the big picture of our lives, our focus on God will balance the years.  He can make the sum of our life greater than the length of all our days.

How can you move your focus of overall health to long-term thinking versus simply a short-term goal?

Today ask God to re-align your thoughts around your health to be able to live a balanced & abundantly sustainable healthy lifestyle.