5 Scriptures to Pray for Your Husband

The righteous man walks in his integrity;
His children are blessed after him.  {Proverbs 20:7}

It’s easy to want God to be our genie, especially when we want our spouse to change in a particular area.  I prayed for years for my husband to care about his health.  I tried to tell him all the information I knew, nagged him, only fed him carrots & celery, all to no avail.  As long as I was the driving force, it wasn't going to happen.  But when the time came that God began to move my husband's heart about his health, my hubby became active, started eating right & caring about what he put into his body.

There have many other circumstances that I have prayed about for my husband over the years.  And God has always, always come through. He has worked the impossible for my husband in his career, softened his heart toward a decision that he was stuck on & grown my husband's character beyond anything I could've ever even hoped for him.

And in all that praying God did something I didn’t expect.  He worked behind the scenes to strengthen our marriage & show me how to be a wife.  So I benefited from praying for my husband as much as he has benefited from me doing it. 

Only God can be a lasting motivation for someone to change their life.

Here are 5 verses that I pray for my husband on a regular basis; I hope these will help guide you as you walk alongside your man too.

Ø Lord, I thank You for the way You uniquely created my husband.  Thank you for the gifts & talents You have given him.  I pray that You would guard his heart & mind against every dart the enemy launches at him & that You will fill him with Your strength to turn so that he will turn to You for guidance & protection.  Give him a hunger for Your ways.  {Psalm 107:9}

Ø God, I am so grateful that You are the perfect example of a Father.  Help my husband’s parenting to reflect You so that our children see Your heart for them.  Make his relationship with each of our children strong & let them have a deep love for one another.  {Ephesians 6:4}

Ø Father, bless my husband in his work.  Let him be diligent in all he does, working for You & not for man. Give him wisdom & let him be successful so that he stands before men in great authority & that Your light would shine in him in such a way, people would marvel at Your work in his life.  {Proverbs 22:29, Colossians 3:23}

Ø  I pray that my husband would have the courage to stand against any wrongs he encounters in this world.  Let him be an advocate for those in need & for those who cannot speak for themselves.  Give him boldness to stand for Your ways & not back down in the face of a world which wants him to compromise. {Proverbs 19:23}

Ø  I pray that my husband’s relationship with You & his desire for time in Your word would be above all else in his life.  Give him a burning passion to seek Your truth & speak Your ways everywhere he goes.  Let him run the race of faith with endurance.  {Acts 20:24, Luke 10:27}