Do you think small things are fun? Ordinary things made smaller amuse me.

These sliders are no exception. They are perfect for an appetizer or party buffet. And oh my goodness, they are so tasty! Plus because they are tiny they cook really fast on the grill. I used this slider mold to make mine & it made the whole process quick & easy.


Everyone at my house loved these sliders wrapped up in lettuce but if you want a great bun to go with them, you could make this sandwich roll recipe. Just remember to shape the dough the right size for the slider patty.

slider 2


makes 6 - 12 slider patties


1 burger recipe

2 heads butter lettuce, washed, dried & trimmed

3-4 roma tomatoes, sliced

traditional burger toppings such as:
mustard, pickles, onions, avocado 


follow directions for making burgers. Use this slider mold instead of making regular size burgers.

wrap in lettuce & service with traditional burger fixings.

If you want to make these up for a buffet, go ahead & wrap the slider patties in the lettuce & top with a tomato. Stick a cute toothpick through to hold them together. Serve mustard on the side. 

Love, Cara