Preparation Directions

For the Green Curry Shrimp       In a small jar, combine all the seasonings & flour for the shrimp.  In a high speed blender combine all the ingredients for the sauce on high until blended.  Store the sauce in a large jar in the fridge until cooking day.    When you are ready to make this dish:    Remove the green curry sauce from the fridge.  Shake it up & let it sit out 5 minutes, then continue giving it a little shake every so often before you use it.  Peel & cube the potatoes & bake them according to directions listed here.  Toss the shrimp in the seasoned mix & then follow remaining directions for cooking.

For the Lemon Thyme Chicken:         Combine the coconut flour & seasonings in a large baggie or sealable container.  Combine the lemon juice, mustard & honey in a small jar & store in the fridge.    When you are ready to make this dish:    Remove lemon sauce from fridge & shake, allowing it to sit out while you brown the chicken.  Toss the chicken thighs in the flour to coat & cook as directed.  

For the Sweet & Spicy Salmon:           Wash & trim ends off of zucchini.  Go ahead & spiral cut these & store them in a tightly sealed container.  Combine the honey, mustard,  lemon juice & all the seasonings in a small jar & store in the fridge.  When you are ready to make this dish:    Let the sauce sit out on the counter about 5 minutes.   In a large skillet cook the zoodles as directed here & then set them aside & use the same pan to cook salmon according to recipe directions.

For the Sloppy Joes & Italian Rolls:       For the Italian Sandwich Roll, combine all the dray ingredients together in a large bowl & give them a quick stir.  cover the bowl & keep in the pantry until you make these then follow directions on recipe.  For the Sloppy Joes, chop the onion, carrots & celery & place those in a baggie.  Mince the garlic & combine it with the tomato sauce, tomato paste, coconut sugar & coconut amigos in a large jar.  Store this in the refrigerator until cooking day. Then follow the recipe.      When you are ready to make this dish:    Follow the directions on the rolls for combining dry & liquid ingredients, remembering to pull out the 3 tablespoons of egg mixture for brushing on top of the rolls before baking.  For the Sloppy Joes, remove the veggies & the jar of tomato mixture from the fridge.  Let the jar sit out while you cook the veggies & beef.  Follow remaining directions on recipe.

For the Simple Grilled Chicken & Carrot Ginger Soup     Combine the Olive oil, lime juice & all the herbs & seasonings for the chicken together in a medium jar.  Place it in the fridge.  For the soup, chop up all the veggies & place them together in a large baggie in the fridge.  Then combine the seasonings together in a small jar until you are cooking this soup.    When you are ready to make this dish:    Take the combined marinade out of the fridge & let it sit out to room temperature to soften the oil {about 20 minutes} Place chicken in a sealable container or baggie & pour marinade over chicken allowing it to sit about 15 minutes, then follow remaining directions for grilling.    Place the oil & ghee in a large stock pot, followed by chopped veggies, then pour the veggie broth, & seasonings over them & cook, following remaining directions on the recipe. 

Love, Cara