What Kind of Eggs Should I Buy?


One of the most confusing food labels comes on an egg carton.  Here are a few guidelines to help make sure you choose the best option when shopping at the grocery store.  If you buy your eggs from a farmer's market, make sure to ask the farmer how the chickens are raised and even ask if they have any pictures of their farm they can show you.

cage free

These hens are allowed to roam outside of cages, but not necessarily outside.  They could potentially be packed into a barn so tightly there is no room to move around.  The government does not regulate this label.   

certified humane

This is an extra label you will see on an egg carton.  It matters because it tells you the quality of the living condition of the hens.  There are strict standards for eggs with this label including size of living space & quality of hen feed.  These farms are required to use a third party to audit farming practices. 

certified organic

The hens that lay these golden eggs are uncaged & given access to the outdoors.  The amount of space they are given is unregulated.  However their food does not contain chemicals, fertilizers or antibiotics.   


This term is subjective.  These chickens don't live in cages.  They have access to the outdoors, however it is all up to the farmer or company that raises them to determine how much space these hens are given.  There is no audit from an outside organization on living conditions. 


These hens live outdoors for most of their life.  They are given opportunity to perch & forage just as they would in the wild. 

Hopefully this little bit of information will help you when choosing which eggs to buy to nourish your health. 

Thanks to my friend Mindy for the use of her farm animals on my blog!  Find out here why I eat duck eggs.


Did you know the color of the egg depends on the type of chicken?


Love, Cara