Keep Your Eating Habits Focused On Jesus


Why is it so easy to return to the bondage of the past?  The lies we believe, the sins we think we have conquered & the performance cycle that keeps us striving? 

Why is it easy to start a new diet, lose weight, feel better & have more energy but then fall back into our old way of eating & go back to food guilt & body shame? 

The answer is found in the Law that was given in the Old Testament, which always left people short of the mark of righteousness.  You see the Law {10 commandments} was given as a standard of how people should live but the standard was so high, no one could obey it all the time.  It left people too concerned about rules & not concerned enough about their relationship with God.

Just like diets & the search for the perfect body leave us very concerned about following rules & achieving goals, but doesn’t teach us how to operate out of grace, love & even joy. 

The rules are performance.  Rules don’t work in real life because eventually something will “trip us up.”  But if we walk in grace, then we do the best we can & when we are weak, God fills in the rest & makes us strong.  The grace we experience by simply choosing to fill our “temple” with whole foods is love. 

We learn to love ourselves better, our family better & God better when we live in grace.  Because we will always be satisfied, full & energetic by eating whole foods, we won’t have the relapse of performing for strict rules .  Grace gives us restraint to keep us on a narrow path that leads to an abundant life.

Jesus knows our physical needs are as real as our spiritual needs.  Throughout His earthly ministry, He focused on both so people could be made completely whole.  We cannot ignore the physical & only focus on the spiritual & the opposite is true – we cannot ignore the spiritual  & only focus on the physical.  The balance between the 2 entities of our being is crucial.

Anything we seek {body image} apart from God will eventually fail.  This is why dieting always fails.  Diets are created to pull our focus toward restrictive rules & numbers.  A lifestyle of whole food eating knows that grace abounds.  There is plenty of food & we eat it to be nourished.  We enjoy it because God has given us the ability to taste & smell its goodness.  Enjoying food is not a sin. 

Seeking anything above God is a sin.  Once God is in the highest position of your pursuits, everything else will fall into place.   

What area of your health is out of balance in regards to your relationship with your heavenly Father?

Today, ask God to help you restore your pursuit of Him to its rightful place.