BOOKs i recommend

I love to read & usually have 2-3 books going at once.  I really love reading Christian, Non-Fiction because I feel the Lord uses writers to deliver revelation to His people.  Though the Bible is the only inerrant Word, other writings can definitely help guide our Christian walk.  I can tell you there have been numerous times when a book has shaped & changed my thinking in a way that brought me closer to Jesus.  

Also, don't miss the amazing cookbooks at the bottom of this list because what is a library without cookbooks?  Make a treat & read a book!

HOLY HUSTLE by Chrystal Stine ~ Do you ever find it difficult to find rest in your work?  Do you wonder about why God has called you to something that seems to be causing so much stress in your life?  In this book, Chrystal will give you ways to rest in the work God has given you.  This book is still a pre-order only but it will be out on June 5, which is just a few days away!  Chrystal is the real deal.  She's open & honest about the struggles of life & about keeping her eyes focused on Jesus.  Do not miss this great read!

THE IMPERFECT DISCIPLE by Jared Wilson ~ This is not your typical discipleship book.  This book is real life.  I don't think I've ever read anything so honest & transparent about real, hard life as The Imperfect Disciple.  This book capture my attention from the introduction page & grasped me deeply, into the places of my heart that felt like I was all alone in some of my struggles.  I think you will truly enjoy Jared Wilson's humor, theology & real life stories of what it looks like to follow Jesus in this broken world.

THE CIRCLE MAKER by Mark Batterson ~ This is an old book that was re-released a couple of years ago & has made a huge comeback.  I keep hearing people talk about it & rightfully so.  I actually read the original version of this book about 4 years ago.  I picked it up on the clearance table when I saw it because I knew my aunt had read it many years before that & had loved it.  This book actually was a life changer for me & is big part of the reason I stepped out in faith & started this blog.  No matter what dreams God has given you, this book is a great encourager to lay them before Him & keep trusting in Him to lead you.

LOVE DOES by Bob Goff ~ This book....❤️ The author, Bob Goff does such a great job of sharing a way to live life completely abandoned to your own agenda & hand over everything you do to following Christ's example of loving people well to show them the redemptive power of God.  It's an inspiring book that will challenge you to live your life in a way that trusts God with what He has given you to steward.

FOLLOW THE CLOUD by John Stickl ~ You are going to want to get this amazing book  written by my friend & pastor.  His revelation & vision are amazing & I know this book will help people looking to follow God into their next steps.  Read my review of this book HERE & check out some of his sermons HERE.  

LIGHT IN OUR DARKNESS by Lisa Thomas & Kathy Gray ~ This book is the unbelievable true story of three lives interwoven together over a 40 year period.  The amazing grace & redemption found in this book will leave every heart that reads it changed.  Read my review of this book HERE.  

SHE'S STILL THERE by Chrystal Evans Hurst ~ I love Chrystal because she is always so real & so funny & so inspiring.  I've had the privilege to hear Chrystal speak on a couple of occasions & I love reading her blog.  This book pulls us out of the adult life that has been tainted by the world & by our own failures & brings us back to living our dreams through Jesus.

2 New Cookbooks that I just got & am loving:

LET US ALL EAT CAKE by Catherine Ruehle ~ I found Catherine Ruehle's blog, A Well Nourished Life, after a friend told me we had a lot in common on our sites.  I love her story of finding healing from RA through food & this book, Let Us All Eat Cake, is so delightful.  I will warn you that the recipes are not all grain-free, they are gluten-free so be aware of that before you buy it.  {If you are looking for Paleo only, see the next cookbook recommendation}  Her recipes are delightful & she even recreates my husband's favorite cake {Hummingbird Cake}, into a healthier, gluten free version.  

MY PALEO PATISSERIE by Jenni Hulet ~ You could buy this book for the photography alone but you will be delightfully surprised by the amazing recipes as well.  And there is bread!  I don't miss bread a lot on my paleo pathway but if you do, you will want to get this book.  So many amazing recipes, which is truly a masterpiece in the paleo world.  Baking with grain-free flours is very difficult & creating recipes with them is even harder.  You will be pleasantly surprised how good the baked goods are in this cookbook!

Love, Cara