BOOKs i recommend

I love to read & usually have 2-3 books going at once.  I really love reading Christian, Non-Fiction because I feel the Lord uses writers to deliver revelation to His people.  Though the Bible is the only inerrant Word, other writings can definitely help guide our Christian walk.  I can count numerous times when a book has shaped & changed my thinking in a way that brought me closer to Jesus.  

I've also included a couple of books on this list that are still on pre-order, one of my favorite cookbooks & a Bible Study in case you are looking for a great one!

I'll update this list from time to time so be sure to check back.  So here ya go! 

FOLLOW THE CLOUD by John Stickl ~ This book just came out on August 1 so it is hot off the press!  You are going to want to get this amazing book  written by my friend & pastor.  His revelation & vision are amazing & I know this book will help people looking to follow God into their next steps.  Read my review of this book HERE & check out some of his sermons HERE.  

LIGHT IN OUR DARKNESS by Lisa Thomas & Kathy Gray ~ This book is the unbelievable true story of three lives interwoven together over a 40 year period.  The amazing grace & redemption found in this book will leave every heart that reads it changed.  Read my review of this book HERE.  

SHE'S STILL THERE by Chrystal Evans Hurst ~ I love Chrystal because she is always so real & so funny & so inspiring.  I've had the privilege to hear Chrystal speak on a couple of occasions & I love reading her blog.  This book pulls us out of the adult life that has been tainted by the world & by our own failures & brings us back to living our dreams through Jesus.

THE BROKEN WAY by Ann Voskamp ~ Oh this book! It is so full of amazing truth.  Ann shows us how in spite of brokenness & because of brokenness we can live an abundant life.  She gives real life ways of how freedom can be found within fear & pain & teaches us how to live authentically. Ann also has a great blog where she writes almost daily.  I wrote a book review about this book.  Check it out HERE

A WIFE'S SECRET TO HAPPINESS by Jen Weaver ~ No matter where you are in your marriage, this book has some great insight & thoughts to ponder to help make marriage better.  Jen points us in the direction of what God intended for marriage in order to bring more happiness to the every day.  Read this book review.  

THE TURQUOISE TABLE by Kristin Schell ~ If you are feeling overwhelmed by a busy life that never seems to slow down but long for deeper relationships, this is the book for you!  If you are thinking this sounds great but you have no time for anything else.  This book will show you another way through it all, a way to find moments of peace and to create a time for honest, comfortable connection.  Just showing up is the key to meeting neighbors and connecting with friends. 

SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME by Ron Hall & Denver Moore ~ This is an older book but if you have not read it, you must get it now!  It's a quick read & you won't be able to put it down.  A story of a homeless drifter, who had previously been a cotton picking slave & a successful art dealer used to living the very good life cross paths & become best friends.  This book is full of pain, betrayal, powerful prayer & the life changing love of God.

ENTRUSTED: A STUDY OF 2 TIMOTHY by Beth Moore ~ I did this Bible Study last summer with a group of gals who are passionately chasing Jesus.  If you need a study to do alone or with a group, this is a great choice.  The goal of this study is to help us learn how to guard what God has entrusted to us in our homes & communities & guides us in the importance of shaping those coming after us.

CELEBRATIONS by Danielle Walker ~ I love Danielle's recipes & this book is no exception.  There are so many amazing recipes in this book that can make special occasions so much better but can also make the daily mundane a celebration.  

Love, Cara