Peppered Roast


When my husband & I were first married, I made a roast each Sunday just like my mom had done for most of my life.  Somewhere along the way, that tradition fell off, so recently when I wanted to make one I had to find a new recipe.  The issue is I used to use a box mix of seasoing & a can of cream of mushroom soup to flavor the roast I made, but now that I have discovered a healthier way of cooking, I needed to come up with some amazing flavors to mix together to retrieve the essence of what we used to enjoy.

This roast is infused with some awesome spices that give it a sassy flavor.  Browning it to perfection on the outside & finishing it off in the oven helps it come out juicy & tender.  It takes about 25 minutes to get the whole thing into the oven & then you have to wait while your house fills with a decadent aroma.  By the time this Peppered Roast comes out of the oven you will be so ready to get it on your plate & into your belly!

Peppered Roast


 1 recipe Fried Chicken Tenders

1 recipe Waffles {no add-ins}


make each recipe & serve them together with maple syrup.

*I recommend you make the waffles first & keep them warm while you make the chicken.

chicken & waffles

Love, Cara