Egg Cups


Last summer on our family vacation, the chef served these cute little egg cups which my son absolutely loved.  I think the simplicity of the ingredients combined with the fun presentation is what makes these so wonderful.  It's great that you get some veggies mixed in there as well.

These actually reheat wonderfully in the microwave in about 45-50 seconds so you can still make them even if you aren't going to eat all 4 of them in one day.  Their a great weekend breakfast or special occasion dish for a brunch but their also fast enough to whip up on a busy weekday morning too!

Egg Cups


4 eggs

2.5 ounces baby spinach {this is half of a 5 ounce bag}

3/4 cup salsa fresca

1 tablespoon store-bought savory dressing {like a greek, italian or green goddess - no sugar added}

quality spray oil like this one

freshly ground salt & pepper

4 small oven proof ramekins


preheat oven to 350

place 4 oven proof ramekins on a rimmed cookie sheet & spray them lightly with the spray oil

place spinach in a medium size bowl & drizzle with the salad dressing.  toss to coat all the spinach.  divide the spinach evenly among each ramekin.

next divide the salsa fresca evenly among the 4 ramekins on top of the spinach.  {try to get as little liquid as possible from the salsa, you don't want soggy spinach after baking}

then carefuly crack 1 egg on top of each ramekin, making sure not to break the yolk.  sprinkle with freshly ground salt & pepper

bake 20-25 minutes, depeding on how firm you want your eggs to set.

serve immediately or refrigerate & reheat for up to 4 days.

egg cups

Love, Cara