The Broken Way

by Ann Voskamp

Since I read One Thousand Gifts 5 years ago, I have been entranced by Ann Voskamp's writing style.  She has a way of taking a mess of words & putting them together to move a soul.  But more than this, her words are so real & raw that she draws her readers into a story line so deep you don't know you've fallen in love with her & the God she promotes until you are so far gone into the relationship you can't stop falling. 

The Broken Way puts a giant spotlight on how Jesus wants to break into our broken lives & fill all the broken places with abundance.  Ann gives compelling, raw examples of the impossible of life made possible by God.  

This book contains so much goodness, my copy is completely marked up & dog eared.  So many truths that point to God.  The Broken Way moves all the feelings of the heart to words on paper.  The best way to explain how deep these words, given to Ann by God are, is for you to read some of them for yourself:*  

“Brokenness happens in a soul so the power of God can happen in a soul.”  20

“Time never heals wounds like God does.”  63

“Maybe there's a Comforter who holds us gently in our brokenness...which is very different from a comfort zone that's a death trap to break us.” 75

“He {Jesus} deeply unsettled the comfortable & deeply comforted the unsettled.”  101

“Tough times never last but those who hang on tight to God always do.”  152

“It definitely gets harder before it gets easier. But it will definitely get better-if you don't give up when it's hardest.”  162

“Isn't the fear that I am not enough really the lie that God isn't enough?” 191

“Anger is the only toxin that destroys what it's carried in.” 215

This book will show you the Way of being a broken, servant leader by following the Master who allowed Himself to be broken for you. 

*all excerpts taken from The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp, copyright 2016, Zondervan Publishing

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Love, Cara