Light In Our Darkness

by Lisa Thomas & Kathy Gray

Light In Our Darkness is the true story of three lives, woven together with the common thread of what a human life is worth.  A journey of mental instability, incarceration, homelessness & a huge lie that literally took over the face of America, are all unexpectedly intertwined together over a period of 40 years.  The individual journeys of each of these 3 people will show you how God can redeem devastation & loss of great magnitude.  

This true book, which reads like wild fiction, touched my heart deeply.  The stories contained in it unexpectedly shined a light on the story of my own life.  The authors, Lisa Thomas & Kathy Gray, have done an amazing job of intertwining their own stories with that of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who was the driving force of legalized abortion in America.  

Whether you have been personally touched by abortion or not, the lives of every American have been changed based on the 1973 decision of the Supreme Court to legalize the murder of unborn babies.  What you may not realize is that undervaluing the lives of the unborn, has a direct influence on undervaluing lives of all of humanity.   Racial tensions, relational conflicts & even self worth are all tied to believing the lie that only certain lives matter.

The plot twist in this book is so miraculous it leaves readers with no doubt it is a story of the Lord’s faithfulness to bring grace, peace & redemption to each character at just the right moment & shows clearly how He can redeem each of our stories.

No one will be able to read this book & walk away unchanged.  “Stories change lives.  Stories save lives.  This is a true story - one that reveals pain, failures, redemption, and joy - one so fascinating you will not be able to put it down.” 

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Love, Cara