Follow the Cloud

by John Stickl

This book review is long overdue since it was released back in August .   For 7 years, I have had the privilege of sitting under the teaching of the author of this incredible book & the revelation contained in it has literally changed my life.  God has shown me, in His gracious loving way, how my identity in Him is the only driving force for my purpose in life.  Much of that revelation & understanding has come in little pieces of grace that I have bee able to gather under the teachings of John Stickl & those teachings are contained in this book.  

Follow the Cloud tells the story of the children of Israel & relates how their journey in the wilderness is so much like our own lives.  Wandering around in a desert, the Israelites followed a cloud, which was God’s presence &  symbolizes our following of the Holy Spirit.  For believers, the cloud of the Holy Spirit is always moving in our lives.  He is leading us to discover who we are, who He is & what we were created to do.  If you have ever wondered what in the world your purpose is here on earth, you need this book. 

The problem of humanity thus far is that religion has taught us that we must work & please God in order to gain His love & acceptance.  But what if ‘we stop letting obligation drive us & instead let grace lead us?’.   Follow the Cloud is more than a Christian “how to” manual.  It is a refreshing take on what it truly means to follow God & to be counted as His beloved child.

Through the sacrifice of Jesus, God is inviting us to live as beloved sons & daughters & into a life of complete freedom, one step at a time.   This book will literally walk you through, step-by-step, how this is possible & leave you knowing how to take the next step on your journey.

When we focus more on our commitment to Jesus than His commitment to us, we will walk through life overwhelmed.  But if we can catch that Jesus is faithful to us, even when we are faithless {2 Timothy 2:13}, we will never wonder if we are truly loved by the Creator of all.   God is big enough to handle our lives & He desires that we take hold of the good inheritance He has for His children.

This refreshing take on what it means to be a follower of God is so powerful yet so simply presented. Through practical examples & great visuals, Follow the Cloud will draw you closer to your Father.   

All of us have fallen into believing a lie from the enemy that we are not loved enough, good enough or successful enough.  This book changes that.  The weapons of warfare to put the enemy to flight are contained in this book & all based on powerful scripture references.  You will finish this book knowing how to hear the voice of God for yourself & how to walk in the Biblical truth of your identity in Christ which leads to a life of freedom. {Psalm 16:11}

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Love, Cara