Start Transforming Your Body Today

If I asked you to go to the grocery store & fill your cart with healthy items, you could probably do it.  You likely have a general idea of what’s “good for you”. 

 If that’s true, then why is it that as a culture we struggle to implement what we know? Why do we carry around extra, unhealthy weight?

Maybe we are truly confused with all the methods, instructions & diet rules we’ve heard all of our lives, or maybe it’s because of the way we actually think.

Research has shown that most of our decisions are based on habits & lifestyle patterns instead of actually thinking through what we are doing.

Changing thinking requires changing the habits & patterns that lead up to the actions. 

Do not be conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2

Often times when we start something new, we make it so difficult that we quickly resort back to whatever is easier.  There’s no need to “white knuckle” your way through changing your thought patterns when simply changing your environment will probably make as big of an impact & it won’t be torture!

Here are some small ways you can change what’s around you, to make a change to what’s in you (in your brain that is):

Go make a plan on Sunday of what you will eat each & every day of the week.  Take a look at your calendar in advance & check those days or nights that will keep you from cooking a fresh meal & make double the day before or buy pre-made whole food meals from a meal prep company. 

 Spending a little time planning ahead will leave your brain available for all the other things you have going on in life.

Go ahead & wash all your fruits & veggies when you come home from the store.  Either pre-make or prepare proteins for the week.

If spending a couple of hours on the weekend prepping food doesn’t appeal to you, then just go ahead & prep all the spices & ingredients for each meal you will make during the week.  This makes the actual cooking of the meal go so much faster & prepping spices & ingredients usually only takes minutes per recipe.

If it is harder & more inconvenient to get to that food you can’t resist, you are less likely to binge eat it. 

In other words, the “lazy” side of you is highly unlikely to drive to the grocery store or local fast food place to get ice cream at 9PM at night.  You’re more likely to eat those dried fruits in your pantry instead.  And while eating carbs like that late at night aren’t the ideal situation, it’s much better to eat a handful of raisins than it is to eat a bowl of rocky road.

For those times when you seriously just don’t have time for a meal (this shouldn’t happen often), then have a good protein powder on hand to mix with some coconut or almond milk.  This one is my favorite flavored one & this one is my favorite unflavored because you can mix it into absolutely anything including bone broth or a baked potato. 

Don’t let food be your enemy.  A little planning & prepping will make all the difference in the world in your mind, body & soul!