4 Tips to Get You Started on Meal Prep

Are you overwhelmed by the term "meal prep"?

If meal prepping stirs up feelings of emotional anxiety for you then you are not alone. Many people try meal prepping but get overwhelmed by all the tips & tricks available out in cyber space or feel burdened by the time involved in getting it done.

Below are 4 different ways I meal prep. I don’t do all of these every week & I don’t always do them consistently, but when I do, it makes eating all week so smooth & hassle free.

Find which system that works best for you & get started on a path to stress free meal prepping!

  1. Wash & Prep all veggies when you come home from the grocery store - this is so helpful because when it comes time to cook & eat the veggies you don't have to take that extra step of getting them ready. For instance, if I bring home zucchini, cauliflower & lettuce, I will go ahead & wash each one, then chop them how I want them for cooking. Make sure veggies are completely dry when storing in the fridge.

  2. Pre-package spices & sauces for upcoming recipes - take a look at what you plan to make for the following week. Go ahead & mix up all the spices you need & store in small jars or baggies. If your recipe calls for a sauce, mix it into a glass jar & store in the fridge. These 2 steps make cooking a meal go so much quicker!

  3. Prep lunches for the week - make lunch prep easy by making 3 sheet pans of food to create an entire meal. The first sheet pan will be a baked protein, like chicken or fish, the second one will be a vegetable & the third one will be a root vegetable. This way you get a well-rounded meal that is full of great whole food nutrients.

  4. Use a couple of hours on Sunday to make several proteins & several veggies to use throughout the week - this makes all meals simple during weekdays. Simply pick a protein & a vegetable to reheat & it makes meals so easy. This means no excuses of being too busy during the week to eat healthily.