To the Father of my Children

The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him. Proverbs 20:7


How could I have known?

When we decided to jump into this parenting thing all those years ago, how could I have known what a great dad you would be?  I could’ve guessed based on who I thought you were, how you would respond to and teach our children.  But I never could’ve truly known until the real thing happened.  When Lamaze became labor, when birth brought forth a small little life, when all night crying kept us awake.  When the terrible 2’s turned into terrible 3’s.  When the little boy wanted his dad more than he wanted his mom & y’all became buddies.  When the little girl, thought she could join in wrestling with the boys.  The day we birthed one baby & sent him straight on to heaven.  The toddler years that became school years.  Teaching the boy to hunt.  Teaching the girl to dance.  Tea parties & mud pies.  Coaching baseball & football.   Cheering for your softball player.  Chaperoning school trips.  Braces.  Driving.  College.  You have been my partner in this journey of parenting through the growing years of our children.   I blinked & it happened in slow motion.  The children grew & so did you.  You grew in integrity.  You grew in love.  You grew in the ability to hear & trust the good Father.  To listen to His wisdom on how to be an earthly father. 

You have taught our children so much.  You have taught them the value of hard work.  The value of generosity.  The value of loving your spouse.  Oh how well you have shown this one.  You have been their mentor, their guide, their friend & their companion.  The wisdom you use in teaching them amazes me.  You have shown our children how to praise the Lord in the good and the not so good.  There have been hard times, in which you have stayed steady, like a tree planted by the water.  There have been times of plenty in which you have shown them what humility and gratitude look like. 

You have instilled in our children a sense of security in the love of their earthly father & their heavenly Father.  You have shown them a leader who uses his platform for God’s glory.  You have always believed in them, lifted them up & encouraged them to be their best.    

I didn’t know. 

All those years ago when we started this journey, I didn’t know how great it would be.  I am so thankful to God for a man who has stayed strong & kind & who has never given up the fight for his kids.  You are a man who walks in integrity & your children are blessed because of it.    I love you, the father of my children. 

Love, Cara