Amazing Grace

And we know that all things work together for good, to those who love God & to those who are called according to HIS purpose.    Romans 8:28

I was alone in the ICU room with my dad.  A heart surgery gone wrong, had caused him to have to be put in a medically induced coma for 14 days.  It was unusual for me to be alone in that room because routinely our whole family went back during the designated “visiting hours”.   Though he was in a medical coma, his eyes would open on occasion, but the medical staff assured us, he was in no pain nor did he have any idea what was really going on around him.  As I watched him lay there, I was moved to sing Amazing Grace and as I sang his eyes opened & a tear slipped from his eye & ran toward his ear.  I could only get through the first verse & chorus because my throat closed as my own tears poured out.  He closed his eyes and that was the last time I saw them open.  My daddy went to heaven 3 days later.

From that point on I couldn’t stand the song Amazing Grace.  It brought back too many painful memories of watching my dad lay in a helpless state and the agonizing prayers for healing our family had prayed.  I would become physically ill when I would think too long on those days he spent in the hospital.  It was truly one of the darkest times in my life & I couldn’t understand why God would take away such a good man from his family & friends who loved him so much.

I asked God why He would let this happen. Answers never came. 

Sixteen years after my dad’s death, I was at an event completely unrelated to him, when I heard a still small voice in my soul, “I will never tell you why I took your dad from earth but I will show you how I have worked that event for good in your life”.  It was so random it took me by surprise but I knew beyond a doubt it was the voice of God.

Don’t misunderstand:  losing my dad wasn’t good, but the things God did surrounding the event were.  For 3 years after the revelation came, God gently & lovingly showed me areas in my life where He had worked that painful part of my life for the betterment of what He was creating in me. 

The culmination of the redemptive plotline in my story came 19 years after that day I sang Amazing Grace to my dad.  I was in my kitchen preparing dinner & my daughter was in the next room practicing piano.  Her teacher, Kathy Gray, had given her an old hymn to practice.  I’m sure you can guess what it was…Amazing Grace.  It echoed through my house & the Lord came & put His arms around me and said, “Listen to the sound of your precious child playing the song that once brought grief and let it bring joy in your life”

He redeemed my story of loss.  That’s what He is so good at.  Redemption.  Whether in the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a broken marriage or a dream that has lost hope of reality.  No matter what your loss is, if you will give it all to Him. He will redeem it for your good.

What do you need to turn over to Jesus that needs redemption today?

Love, Cara