Pressing Pause

I have noticed when I press pause on a movie, the picture remaining on the screen can be quite distorted.  Sometimes the most shocking thing is that the actress that I thought to be so beautiful & flawless has the most unattractive paused look on her face.  On the other hand hitting pause can sometimes freeze that same actress's face in a state of beauty & I can admire how lovely she really is.  Pausing is an interesting thing but we all have to do it at some point in life. 

Pausing, or waiting, can be a hard.  I have been in seasons of waiting where I do it with the frozen ugly look on my face.  This generally leads to discontentment in every area of my life, however in the seasons where I keep my focus on Jesus during my waiting, my life is at peace & everyone around me knows it.  When I look back at certain seasons, I wish I would've waited on the Lord with a beautiful face, knowing that God is sovereign & He has my life under control.

The Bible tells us quite a bit about waiting and I wanted to share some things with you that stand out to me:

1.     The Word says God Himself waits Isaiah 30:18 tells us that God waits to bring judgment so that He may be gracious to us.  Can you imagine that just by pausing His discipline in our lives, it actually in turn causes Him to have more grace & mercy on us?

2.     We are blessed when we wait for Him – again in Isaiah 30:18 the Word tells us that because God is sovereign we are blessed to wait upon Him and His work in our lives.

3.     It’s okay to let God know that waiting causes a flood of emotions – In Psalm 69:3 David tells us he is weary from crying so much.  I don’t know about you, but this is a huge relief to me.  In my selfishness or maybe it’s my desire to be in control of my own life, waiting on God brings a flood of emotions for me.   When I speak those to the Lord He is always faithful to give me peace.   In turning my heart toward Him, even in my human emotions, His kindness leads me to a place of trusting Him.

4.     Waiting should bring renewalIsaiah 40:27-31 exposes our inner most thoughts to sometimes believe that our life’s issues are hidden from God.  As though what we face is not big enough to bring to God.  But, we are reminded that His understanding is unsearchable & He will give strength to the weak.  By waiting on Him, He will strengthen us to push the ‘play’ button once we are renewed.

5.     We are to wait eagerly on the Lord – Paul tells us in Philippians 3:20, we should wait with anticipation on the Lord.  This means to remain joyful in expectation & keep our eyes focused on Him.  Our eager desire should not be in earthly matters but instead focused on Jesus alone.  So in other words, instead of living life paused while we are waiting for the next season, we are to wait in expectation for the next season, living life focused on Jesus.  Without focus on Jesus, our pausing will be meaningless, not to mention very dreary {think Eeyore}.

Are you in a season of waiting on the Lord to move in a particular area of your life?  How can you maintain focus on Him during your waiting?  I would encourage you to read the scriptures listed above several times over a period of days. 

Love, Cara