Lunch Note

Then the LORD said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid & do not be discouraged...” Joshua 8:1(a)

When my kids were younger, I would often put little notes inside their lunch to surprise them when they opened their lunchbox.  There are a couple of reasons I did this.  I remember my mom did it for me when I was little & the feeling of opening my lunch & seeing the note brought me love's security in the middle of my day. Second, I just wanted my kids to know how much I love them & that I am proud of them. 

So when my son was a freshman in high school he sent me a link to an article he found online entitled, “Mom sends herself a lunch note”.  The mom in the article said she was having a really hard week so she decided to encourage herself.  I thought how appropriate it would be that I should send myself lunch notes too.  But then a war began in my mind.   

What would you say to yourself? 

How could I encourage myself when so often I felt like I had failed at parenting, messed up a friendship or disappointed God?  But in a gentle way, just as my thoughts were gaining momentum of my mistakes, my Father reminded me that He had sent me a note.

The Bible, a note written to us directly from our Father that reminds us of Love's security.  A love that will never fail.   A love that is faithful.  A love that comes running when we cry for help & lifts us when we are down.  His love rejoices with us when we are happy.  He sent us a note in His Word so that we would take it & hide it in our heart & never forget how much He loves us.  Here's what it says:

Dear child of Mine,

You are royalty & you walk in My light {1 Peter 2:9}.  I want you to know how wide and how deep My love is for you {Ephesians 3:17-19}.  I want you to know that even though you are having a rough time, this trial will not last forever & I am busy working all these things in your life for your good {Romans 8:28}.  When you feel like you are sinking beneath the weight of everything you deal with in the world, I will hold your hand & lift you up {Matthew 14:29-33}.  I will be your hiding place {Psalm 32:7} & the rock you can lean on when you are weary.  Take every thought in your head {2 Corinthians 10:5} & bring it to me so that I can show you how to concentrate on what is good {Philippians 4:8}.  You can bring all your burdens to me because I love you deeply {1 Peter 5:7}.  When you do this, your mind can be free to focus on Me & I will give you peace in return {Isaiah 26:3}.  I know from your human perspective, the situation you are facing seems impossible, but trust in Me because I make all things possible {Matthew 19:26}.  I understand you are physically & emotionally worn out from it all but do not lose heart.  Keep going & renew yourself in Me {2 Corinthians 4:16}.  I have given you a spirit of power & love {2 Timothy 1:7}.  I think of you more than you could ever know {Psalm 139:17}.  I am in the middle of everything that is going on in your life & I rejoice over you with singing {Zephaniah 3:17}.  I have really great plans for your life {Jeremiah 29:11}.  I have always loved you & I always will {1 John 4:10}.    Love, Your Father

Love, Cara